Amorgos Travel Guide - Where to stay

John KarkalatosFebruary 13, 2021

Unspoiled Amorgos will fascinate you from day one. Cleanse yourself from stress, anxiety and the daily routine on an island where you will always find something interesting and enjoyable to do. Untouched by mass tourism, get into the vibe and experience moments of relaxation and carefreeness.

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Katapola village


Katapola is the main port of Amorgos, located in a deep bay along with the picturesque villages Rachidi and Xylokeratidi. The traditional architecture and the long seafront will make your visit enjoyable.

Stroll in the alleys and discover the cycladic churches Agios Georgios in Rachidi, Panagia Katapoliani in Katapola and Agios Panteleimon after Xylokeratidi.

You'll find many taverns by the sea where you can eat and admire the seaview and the sunset. Note that Xylokeratidi is smaller and more picturesque than Katapola.

The bay is ideal for long walks by the sea. Walk from the port to the lovely seawalk in Xylokeratidi and, if you like hiking, follow the easy trail from Xylokeratidi to the iconic Agios Panteleimon chapel and Maltezi beach.

Again from Katapola, you can follow the dirt road going towards the mouth of the bay, it's a 2 km way, and you'll come across the chapels of Panagia, Saint John and the double chapel of Agioi Anargyroi.

You can also follow the path to the mountain going to the remains of ancient Minoa.

The best beach is Maltezi on the north side of the bay. You can go there by boat in the summer months or hiking from Xylokeratidi. Other beaches in the bay are Xylokeratidi and Kato Akrotiri.

In mid-June, boats start the routes to the beaches. From Katapola port, you can ride the boat and go to Maltezi and Plakes (smooth rocks where you dive directly into the sea).

On the 27th of July the feast of psimeni, the traditional drink of Amorgos, takes place with preparation and serving of psimeni with live music and dances.

If you plan to go on day trips to nearby islands, Katapola is the home port of the local ferry Express Skopelitis

Aegiali and the beach


Enjoy the nature of this picturesque village, relax on the beaches in the sandy bay and discover the taverns and the cafes. If you like swimming, you will find there your ideal destination. Aegiali is appropriate for holidays with children too.

The beach is long and sandy, it will surely please you, you'll find shade on the trees. In summer, take the boat from the port to the beaches on the north side of the bay: Levrossos and Psili Ammos.

Get also the pleasant seafront walk, from the port to the beach, some 400 meters.

In early September, takes place the feast of xerotigano with preparation and serving of the traditional sweet with live music and dances.

Aegiali is the second port of the island, so you can go directly from Piraeus port.

Chora and the castle


Chora is an ancient cycladic village hidden among the mountains at a height of 350 meters, unseen by the sea due to the fear of pirates, it's one of the most picturesque villages in the Aegean so don't miss to visit it.

The Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman origins can be seen everywhere.

Stroll in the alleys and the small squares and discover the sightseeings, the taverns and the bars.

The central paved alley (platisteno) and the central square Loza are the heart of Chora where you can enjoy coffee, cocktails, drinks, sweets and traditional greek meze every hour of the day.

You'll see the Metropolis, renovated in 1689, the church Agioi Pantes, renovated in 1644, Zoodohos Pigi, the archaeological collection, the old neighborhood Vorina and the three united churches in Plateaki.

After the sunset, Chora fills with lights and life and gets even more charming and friendly. Don't miss to pass by Loza, the illuminated castle makes the atmosphere there even more romantic.

You can also visit the small castle on the 65-meter high hill which has the best view in Chora and the mills. The best time to visit it, is before sunset.

Finishing the central paved alley you leave the arch Emprostiada behind you and you can continue uphill to the windmills.

After the ascend, you reach a balcony with an unforgettable view to the Aegean. Stroll around the ruined mills and admire the view, the best time to visit them is before sunset, but watch out the fierce winds.

Two feasts take place in Loza: the Transfiguration of the Savior, on the 6th of August, with live music and dances and the feast of pasteli, on the first Sunday after the 15th of August with preparation and serving of traditional pasteli with live music and dances.

Agioi Anargyroi church in Tholaria


Tholaria is the second most beautiful village on the island after Chora. It stands out for its beautiful whitewashed alleys, the arches and the magnificent view to Aegiali bay.

The village is built on the mountains over Aegiali. The alleys pass around and through the village like a small labyrinth.

The impressive church of Agioi Anargyroi dominates the village and celebrates on the 30th of June with a feast and traditional food.

It's a must to try traditional dishes in the alleys of this village when visiting Amorgos.


Langada is a tranquil village built on the foot of mountain Krikelos, right over Araklou gorge. Admire the unique architecture and the magnificent view to Aegiali bay and the Aegean.

The village is crossed by long alleys, Loza is the central square, with kafenia and taverns. Start your stroll from Loza and walk through colorful bougainvilleas, tables with straw chairs and white patterns on the floor. The church of Agia Sophia, with the two blue domes, worth a visit.

You can eat traditional dishes in the taverns of the village.

Where to stay in Amorgos?

Aegiali has beautiful scenery and a long sandy beach with blue-green waters, taverns are right next to the beach. If you seek relaxation and beach holidays Aegiali is your perfect place.

Katapola on the other hand is a touristy village with traditional architecture and a busy port. Beaches are not attractive, only Maltezi is nice but distant. Access turns easier after mid-June with regular boat routes. If you stay in Amorgos for 1 or 2 days it's better to stay in Katapola since it's near the major sightseeings, Chora and Panagia Hozoviotissa.

Keep in mind also two things:

Best hotels in Katapola

Best hotels in Aegiali

Beach hotels

Sea caves at Mouros beach

Sea caves at Mouros beach

Kato Meria

Kato Meria is the less touristy side of Amorgos. You won't find there tourist shops with handicrafts and postcards, only rural villages in fertile plains.

Agios Georgios Varsamitis marks the beginning of Kato Meria. The villages are Arkesini, Kamari and Vroutsis and the sightseeings are the early cycladic site of Markiani, Agia Triada tower and ancient Arkesini.

The beaches are even more tranquil than the rest of Amorgos. The most well known is the black pebble beach of Mouros. Swim also to Paradisia, Kalotaritissa and Gramvousa.

The must-visit are the family-run taverns that offer homemade food with local ingredients. So note the names: Georgalinis in Vroutsis, Ston Pirgo, Liostasi and Marouso in Arkesini and Mouros.

Don't miss to visit the shipwreck of Amorgos, on the southern end of the island, which became known from the footage of the movie "The Big Blue" in 1988.

The shipwreck of Amorgos

The shipwreck of Amorgos

Map of Kato Meria

Map of Kato Meria

Combine food - swimming - sightseeing for a full day visit in Kato Meria.

Agia Paraskevi fair

On the 25th and 26th of July, takes place one of the largest religious fairs in the Cyclades, the fair of Agia Paraskevi. Thousands of people attend and traditional dishes are offered such as patatato, kofto (flour with myzithra) and handmade bread. A traditional fair follows until the bell tolls in the morning for the Divine Liturgy.

Traditional tastes

The traditional dishes of Amorgos are patatato (goat meat in the pot with potatoes), fava and favokeftedes (appetizers made with local ingredients) and xinomyzithra (creamy-textured cheese used in the salads instead of feta).

Apart from the traditional dishes, you can taste anything made with local ingredients.

The traditional sweets are pasteli, loukoumi and xerotigano. The traditional drinks are psimeni raki (baked raki, alcohol distilled from grapes flavored with honey and herbs) and rakomelo (warmed raki with honey and herbs).

How to get to Amorgos?

You'll get to Amorgos with Blue Star Ferries and Seajets. The island has two ports, Katapola and Aegiali. There's no airport, the nearest ones are in Santorini, Naxos, Paros and Mykonos.

By ferry:

From Naxos

Daily with Express Skopelitis, Blue Star Ferries or Seajets.

From Santorini

With Seajets or Express Skopelitis.

From Ios

With Express Skopelitis

From Kos/Rhodes

Only in the summer months with Blue Star Ferries.

In the search engine, in the field "Departure Port" select Amorgos, Aegiali or Katapola. In "Destination Port" select "All Ports". Enter "Departure Date" and press the search button. You'll get all routes for the selected date.

By airplane:

Day trips and nearby islands with Express Skopelitis

One of the great advantages of Amorgos is that Katapola is the home port of the Small Cyclades Lines which runs routes to the surrounding islands. With Express Skopelitis ferry plan your day trips to Donousa, Koufonissi, Schinoussa and Iraklia, and your transition to Naxos, Ios and Santorini.

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Nearby islands

For other destinations and island hopping visit the search engine In the field "Departure Port" select Amorgos, Aegiali or Katapola, in "Destination Port" select "All Ports", and enter the "Departure Date". You'll get all routes for the selected date.

Travel information


Map of Amorgos


Aegiali - Chora 15.5 km
Aegiali - Katapola 21 km
Aegiali - Tholaria 3 km
Aegiali - Langada 4 km
Chora - Katapola 6 km
Chora - Hozoviotissa 2.5 km
Chora - Mouros 13 km
Chora - Kalotaritissa 21 km
Aegiali - Agios Pavlos 5 km

How many days can I spend in Amorgos?

1 day is enough to visit without hurry the major sightseeings of the island. You'll dissembark on Katapola and then you can go to Chora and Panagia Hozoviotissa, if you want to swim it's convinient to go to Agia Anna beach.

If you want beach holidays, to explore the villages, to visit the shipwreck, go hiking, go out at night in Chora or taste the traditional dishes you should spend more days, it's up to you how many.

When to visit Amorgos?

In terms of sunshine, visit Amorgos from Orthodox Easter (in late April) to late September.

For swimming, the best time is from mid-June to mid-September when the weather is hot enough and the boats are going to the beaches operate.

July and August are the months with the most tourists.

How to get around?

You can visit all the villages, beaches, Hozoviotissa monastery and Kato Meria with the local transport of Amorgos. From mid-June to mid-September routes are very frequent.

Useful telephones

Port Authority (Katapola) 22850 71259
Town Hall (Chora) 22853 60200
Ηealth center (Chora) 22850 71207
Medical office (Aegiali) 22850 73222
Medical office (Katapola) 22850 71805
Police station 22850 71210
Pharmacy (Chora) 22850 74166
Pharmacy (Aegiali) 22850 73173
Pharmacy (Katapola) 22850 71343
More about Amorgos:

1. What can I do in Amorgos?

Visit the villages, Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery, swim to the beaches, walk to the trails and eat local food.

2. What are the main villages of Amorgos?

Chora, Katapola and Aegiali.

3. What are the ports of Amorgos?

Katapola (main port) and Aegiali.

4. How can I get to Amorgos?

With Blue Star Ferries from Piraeus port or by airplane through Naxos airport.

5. Can I go on day trips?

With Express Skopelitis you can go on day trips to Donousa, Koufonissi, Schinoussa and Iraklia from Katapola port.

6. Can I go to Santorini?

With Express Skopelitis, every Sunday.

7. Can I go to Ios?

With Express Skopelitis, every Sunday.

8. Can I go to Naxos?

Daily with Express Skopelitis and on Sundays with Blue Star Ferries.