Hiking in Amorgos: the blue trails

John KarkalatosJuly 26, 2020

Follow the trails the locals were using since the antiquity. They are called blue because of the great view to the Aegean.

Palia Strata: Chora - Hozoviotissa monastery - Kapsala - Asfondilitis - Potamos - Aegiali

Palia Strata is the old trail that connects Chora with Aegiali, it's mountainous and doesn't pass through villages.

It starts from Chora and the first point of interest is Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery. Then it passes through Kapsala through steep slopes and bare rocks. You'll encounter the chapels of Panagia Theoskepasti and then Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos.

The next point of interest is called "hotel" with the ruins of a medieval hostel for passers.

Once you reach the old settlement of Asfontilitis you are already more than halfway. You can see there the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, the old wells and the rock paintings. After Asfontilitis, the chapel of Agios Mamas marks the final descent to Potamos village.

The whole trail is overlooking the big blue.

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Fotodotis: Chora - Xylokeratidi

The old trail that connects Chora and Katapola, if you hike it from Chora it's downhill, while from Katapola it's uphill. It starts from Vorina, passes through a ravine and ends in the plain.

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Itonia: Lefkes - Agioi Saranda - Kamari - Ancient Arkesini - Vroutsi - Rachoula - Agia Triada

This old trail connects the two ancient cities of Minoa and Arkesini. It crosses the beaches of Finikies, Tirokomou, Agioi Saranda and the small church of Agia Thekla.

The next point of interest is the Acropolis of ancient Arkesini, with Panagia Kastriani on the top. Then you will encounter the chapel of Agios Ioannis and you'll reach Vroutsis.

If you want to complete the cultural route you can continue to the tower of Agia Triada.

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Melania: Aegiali - Langada - Panagia Epanochoriani - Tholaria - Aegiali

This interesting route passes through Langada, on the foot of mountain Krikellos, Araklou gorge, the uninhabited settlement of Stroumbos, the church of Panagia Epanochoriani, Tholaria and finally Aegiali.

The view to Aegiali bay during the route is great.

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Pan: Langada - Theologos - Stavros - Krikellos

By far the most difficult trail on the island. At first you walk in nature on the foot of mountain Krikellos and as you climb up the view gets better and better. You'll encounter the Byzantine monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos which is worth visiting.

After the monastery, the ascent to Krikellos begins until you reach the most difficult point. You have to walk less than 1 km on a narrow path on a steep slope without any obstacle to the wild waters of the Aegean. Strong winds usually prevail in the area.

After that you reach the chapel Stavros where the view to the Aegean is indeed breathtaking. A few meters further up you continue to the top of Krikellos.

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Valsamitis: Katapola - Agios Georgios Valsamitis - Minoa

Circular route that starts from Katapola, passes from the archaeological site of Minoa, the church of Agia Marina and reaches the monastery of Agios Georgios Valsamitis.

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Tholaria - Mikri Vlychada

Follow this trail to reach the cove Mikri Vlychada and swim.

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The trail to the secluded beach Ammoudi.

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Xylokeratidi - Agios Panteleimon - Maltezi

Follow this easy route to visit the picturesque church of Agios Panteleimon and to swim at Maltezi beach.

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