Kalavrita Ski Resort Travel Guide

John Karkalatos17 March 2022

One of the top winter destinations in the Peloponnese offers unique moments of joy and adrenaline to young and old.

Kalavrita Ski Resort Travel Guide

Neraidorachi peak

More about Kalavrita Ski Resort:

Kalavrita Ski Resort is hidden at the peaks of Helmos in Achaia at an altitude ranging from 1,700 to 2,340 meters.

A large ski resort with excellent infrastructure and many long slopes with all levels of difficulty guarantees a rich program of activities for beginners and experienced skiers.

Before reaching the ski resort you can get the necessary equipment in special shops located in Kalavrita (more information at the end of the article). There is also the option to get it as soon as you arrive to the ski resort from the resort's shop.

The base of the ski resort is located at 1,700 meters. Almost next to the parking lot are the ticket offices. There are also ski and snowboard schools next to each other where you can meet the instructors if you have booked a course. The schools are 4 Seasons Outdoor, Altitude Snow Sports School and RTM Helmos Ski School. Learning is also provided for children. Very close is the Leto learning slope for those who want to improve their skills.

Once you are ready get the lifts to the slopes. You need to wait on the queue especially on weekends when visitors are growing. The right lift Daphne leads to easier tracks and specifically to Harmonia, Phaedra and Ariadne. The Harmonia track is the easiest, it is like a road that the skier goes down.

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The lifts

Going up to the slopes by the lifts

The left lift Achilles is attracting the most interest. It ends in a small plateau from where other 3 lifts start, Styga, Thetis and Artemis. Styga climbs to the top of Neraidorachi where the Aristarchos observatory is located at an altitude of 2,340 meters. Artemis ends along the ridge at an altitude of around 2,100 meters. Thetis ends a little higher than the plateau.

The view from the ridge is stunning.

Nefeli slope starts from Neraidorachi and reaches the base and is the longest and one of the most difficult. The slopes include all degrees of difficulty, the more you climb the peaks the harder they get. There are many combinations of ski slopes that you can do too. There are even freeskiing slopes.

Caution is advised for the additional reason that the peaks may be covered unannounced with clouds and the weather conditions may worsen.

Although the chalet looks attractive from the outside with the tree trunks that is made, I personally was not excited, it is intended more for skiers and their companions and not for you to comfortably enjoy a drink. The music plays deafeningly while another minus is that it does not have wi-fi. The seats are of three types, picnic type, high stools with high tables and tables with director chairs. A plus are the tables outside in the snow but if it's crowded it is hard to find an available one. The menu is simple with drinks and sandwiches.

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The chalet of Kalavrita Ski Resort

The interior of the chalet

Before the parking lot there are smooth slopes with fir trees where families stop to play in the snow and to make snowmen quietly without the fear of skiers.

For the supply of ski equipment in Kalavrita:

For the purchase of tickets there is a kiosk in the central square of Kalavrita opposite the postal service.

More about Kalavrita Ski Resort: