9 winter destinations near Athens

John KarkalatosUPDATED 7 November 2023

You don't need to travel far from Athens to go on a snow trip. Organize affordable one-day, weekend or three-day holidays in destinations 2 to 3 hours away suitable for friends, couples and families with children.

1. Kalavryta


At Helmos mountain in Achaia tormented Kalavryta figure as one of the most popular winter destinations, and not without reason, because the Ski Center is an important attraction for ski lovers and not only. Other things worth seeing are the execution hill, the Holocaust museum, the Monastery of the Great Cave, the cave of the Lakes and of course crossing the Vouraikos gorge with Odontotos train. Cafes, taverns, shops with sweets, local products and souvenirs are concentrated in the pedestrian street. Concerning the accommodation keep in mind that the view to the snow-capped peaks of Helmos is in high demand.

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2. Dimitsana


In the lady of mountainous Arcadia the picturesqueness of the stone-built village meets the nature of Mainalo mountain and Lousios river. Its history too is important because it played a major role in the Revolution of 1821 but also the personalities it highlighted most importantly the metropolitan Palaion Patron Germanos. Stroll through the paved alleys to see the clock, the bell tower of Agia Kyriaki and the statue of Palaion Patron Germanos up close. On the other hand in Dimitsana you will find quaint cafes, taverns and shops with souvenirs and traditional items.

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3. Stemnitsa


One more destination of mountainous Arcadia on the slopes of Mainalo mountain very close to Dimitsana but with a lower profile. Traditional stone-built village with tower houses, narrow streets and paved alleys. The things worth seeing are the square with the church of Agios Georgios of the 19th century and the bell tower, the church of Agia Paraskevi, the folklore museum and the unique view from the heroes' monument.

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4. Vytina


A main village of Mainalo mountain in a spot with wonderful nature is another popular and peaceful destination in mountainous Arcadia. The impressive church of Agios Tryfonas of the 19th century dominates the village and the square in front of it is a must for coffee. You will find traditional taverns, shops with traditional products and souvenirs. The Mainalo ski center is nearby.

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5. Trikala in Corinthia

Trikala in Corinthia

A village with a green landscape divided into three districts is the nearest escape from Athens. With significant tourist development for several years while the wooden hostels are reminiscent of Switzerland or Finland, in general the village is dominated by wood as well as stone. In Kato Trikala stand out the cobbled square with the two huge plane trees and the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos. Fir trees, plane trees, many places for coffee and meat and very nice views await you in Trikala! They are very close to the Ski Center of Ziria mountain.

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6. Goura


Here is a destination still undiscovered by the masses of people. It is a peaceful stone-built village with an impressive view of both the snow-capped peak of Ziria mountain and the plain of Feneos. Equally impressive is the 19th century church of Taxiarches in a square surrounded by 19th century mansions. The sound of the running water are the ultimate relaxation. Goura is located very close to Lake Doxa.

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7. Arachova


If you visit it you will understand why it is called Mykonos of winter. It is the top winter destination, you will find it on the slopes of Parnassos mountain, it is panoramically built, beautiful, traditional, stone-built, secular, idyllic and these are just a few of the adjectives that characterize it. The big difference is the nightlife and the abundance of eateries where you can eat what appeals to your appetite from traditional cuisine to gourmet dishes. It goes without saying that Arachova many times literally is packed with visitors.

You will find the most impressive view on the bridge where you will admire the clock which is the landmark of Arachova while Lakka square on the main road is the meeting point. You will also find many shops with local products and souvenirs. Arachova is very close to Delphi archaeological site and Parnassos ski resort.

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8. Kastanitsa


A traditional village of Tsakonia at the foot of Mount Parnon in Arkadia known for its thousands of chestnut trees and its Tsakonic architecture. Wander the whitewashed alleys and squares and discover white tower houses with wooden balconies. It is worth going up to the castle of Kapsambelis to admire Kastanitsa in all its glory and in the square of the Church of the Transfiguration of Sotir. Try also traditional dishes married with chestnut and sweet chestnut in many variations.

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9. Zarouchla


A well-kept and peaceful little village between the mountain peaks of Helmos in wonderful nature with fir trees, plane trees and running water. A few streets, a few taverns, a few places for coffee and drinks, a few hostels and this is Zarouchla, a haven of nature. It is located near the famous for its beauty Lake Tsivlou.

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