Hotel Amymone and Adianti in Nafplio

John KarkalatosJune 1, 2021

Amymone and Adianti consists of three neoclassical buildings in the heart of old Nafplio, each building offers a different accommodation experience: boutique hotel, suites and hostels.

Adianti Boutique Hotel is one of the most photographed places in Nafplio as the combination of green and purple with stone attracts the interest of tourists. Opposite are the Amymone Suites and a few meters below the Amymone Guesthouse.

The decoration is handmade and unique for each room, it mixes different materials with different forms of art and style and it has been edited by the Italian artist Francesco Moretti. They are located on Othonos Street and offer wonderful views of the alley, some of the suites have a view of the port.

The breakfast is handmade and certified as "Greek breakfast" by the Greek Hotel Chamber. Please note that no elevator is provided and the stairs must be climbed.

Telephone: ++30 27520 22073, ++30 27520 99477.

Book at Amymone and Adianti

Book at Amymone and Adianti

Book at Amymone and Adianti