The 15 best beaches of Arcadia

John KarkalatosAugust 10, 2022

You may not know that Arcadia has wonderful beaches, they are unknown because they are secluded but also untouched by human intervention. Their slogan could be "live calm moments in a wild landscape".

I should note that it is not only these 15, there are many more but these are the most important with the easiest access. At the end of the article I have made a Google map with their exact locations.

1. Villes

Villes beach

Between the slopes of the mountains you find this little paradise. On its northern side, above the cottage, you will find rocks from where you can jump from a relatively high height into the sea, but be careful, jump into the deep, not into the shallows. The beach umbrella is mandatory.

There are no signs informing about the beach. It is located a few kilometers after Kiveri just before Evangelistria church in Xiropigado. Park on the road there is no parking lot, a short and easy trail has been opened that leads to the beach. The locals also call this beach Skarpidi.

2. Xiropigado

Xiropigado beach

The first village you meet upon entering Arcadia has a large and pleasant beach with coarse pebbles. It is organized and you can get coffee from the nearby taverns. There is no beach bar so you can indulge in the relaxation that nature offers. The beach continues beyond the village pier.

Only drawback is that the village does not have much space for parking, you can park either in the courtyard of the old school or near the pier.

The beach was at the center of a frenzied tourist development that Xiropigado experienced in the 80s when young tourists from Europe flooded the village. Because there were not enough rooms to rent, the residents rented their houses, but not like Airbnb today, that is, the whole house, but they rented it room by room with a shared toilet and kitchen. During the summer the residents stayed in their basements. The picture of my aunt who grazed sheep in the winter and was saying "rooms" to tourists in the summer is etched in my mind!

3. Paliohano

Paliohano beach

A large sandy beach in the area called Kato Vervena just before Astros. It is shallow, which makes it ideal for children, while you can also hear it as Batarolas from the tavern of the same name. It is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. It takes its name from an old inn located at the northern end of the beach. A small river flows into the beach.

4. Atsiganos

Atsiganos beach

Popular beach among the youngsters because of the cafe that serves this beach. Sandy, organized but with seaweed in it.

5. Astros

Astros beach

A very large sandy beach a few kilometers long. Its beginning is inside Paralio Astros and is organized with many bars and cafes. A little further there are also taverns. Leaving Astros it becomes calm. In several places there are sunbeds served by canteens.

You can also sit somewhere alone if you want without being approached. Moving further away it becomes desolate. Because it is very long if you want to move away you will need a vehicle. It is exposed to the southern wind.

6. Kryoneri

Kryoneri beach

A fantastic beach with pebbles and amazing waters between two very high mountain peaks. It is organized and served by a tavern and a bar. Parking is easy. The only downside is that the sun sets early behind the high mountains, but the waters are so nice that I personally didn't mind.

On the beach there is a spring where a tanker fills with water over the hours and transports it to Spetses island. See more photos in the article I wrote about Kryoneri.

7. Tserfou

Tserfou beach

A pebble beach. There is a campsite and a tavern.

8. Ammos tou Moula (Sand of Moulas)

Ammos tou Moula beach

This beach is the exception compared to the rest. It is a cove with golden sand surrounded by olive trees. Fantastic setting and swimming is even better. It is not visible from the road nor is there a sign. You must have consulted a map before you go. You descend from a relatively easy trail. Be careful because there is a holiday home on the path and the owner complains to anyone who passes by.

9. Zaritsi

Zaritsi beach

Large and pleasant beach with pebbles and organized. There is a campsite and a tavern.

10. Tigani

Tigani beach

Just from the picture you understand that this is a fine beach. With pebbles, organized and a beach bar. It is located a few meters outside Tyros village.

11. Tyros

Tyros beach

The beach of Tyros is of course with pebbles. There are around several taverns, cafes and table seats on the beach.

12. Lakkos

Lakkos beach

The beach of Leonidio, peaceful with pebbles, promises a pleasant swim.

13. Plaka

Plaka beach

A large beach with pebbles and pleasant waters, organized with a beach bar. The beach continues to the small port of Plaka in a closed cove where people swim near to yachts and kaiki. There are also taverns here.

14. Poulithra

Poulithra beach

The beach in Poulithra village. Large and pleasant that is worth a visit. It is organized.

15. Fokiano

Fokiano beach

The last beach of Arcadia is also the best. Quite remote, the access is through narrow mountain roads, but worth it. It is so beautiful that it is a destination itself. Read more in the article I wrote about this beach.

Below is the map with the 15 beaches.