10 spring destinations near Athens

John KarkalatosApril 10, 2024

1. Nafplio


In the spring, Nafplio gets a different charm because at this time the bougainvillea slowly bloom, filling the alleys with magical colours and intense fragrances.

So wander around the old town to discover the best spots for photos.

But there is another reason to visit it in spring. At this time the weather favours visiting the numerous attractions: walk the castle of Palamidi, go by boat to Bourtzi (4 euros), follow the path of Arvanitia to enjoy the sea air, go to the clock of Akronafplia to admire the view which is also a very nice spot for sunset.

One more plus is the easy access even with the suburban buses, within just 2 hours with a ticket price of 26 euros return. An ideal destination for one, two or three days.

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2. Nafpaktos - villages of mountainous Nafpaktia


With the unique venetian port as a reference point, Nafpaktos is a place you should visit at least one spring.

There are plenty of sights worth seeing from the venetian and ottoman past. The castle (one of the largest in Greece), the Fethiye Mosque, the Vezir Mosque, the Iron Gate (Sideroporta), the old turkish hammam, and a modern one, the statue of Cervantes, the greatest poet of the Spanish language who fought in the naval battle of Nafpaktos.

In Stenopazaro, get to know the city's night life, while for chikdren activities, go to the Zelios Gi Botanical Garden.

It is also worth visiting the mountainous Nafpaktia and specifically Ano Chora, a peaceful village, by following an amazing route through forests with chestnuts, beeches and at higher altitudes with firs.

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3. Paralio Astros - Monastery of Panagia Malevi - Agios Petros

Paralio Astros

Here is a route that combines mountain, sea and religious tourism for those who are interested in.

Starting from Paralio Astros, a peaceful town on the coast of Arkadia with a picturesque harbour and a castle, you proceed towards Mount Parnonas to the Monastery Panagia Malevi.

The liturgy there is sung by women, so for that alone it is worth going. The monastery also has a garden with roses that are in bloom at that time.

After Malevi continue to the village Agios Petros. The church of Apostles Peter and Paul of the 19th century dominates the village square. It is worth sitting there to eat and dessert.

The opening hours of Malevi Monastery according to the "Monasteries of Greece" website are:

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4. Aegina


For an escape to Argosaronicos, Aegina is the place to be.

After a short cruise of an hour or so with the conventional ship and at a favourable price you arrive at the picturesque port with the neoclassical buildings. There are many shops for food and coffee and if you sit on a balcony you will have the best view. Also stroll the picturesque alleys of the city for discoveries.

The main attractions are the ancient temple of Aphaia Athena and the temple of Agios Nektarios. Before you go, find out about the coach tours organized by Aegina Tours.

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5. Poros


If you need genuine island scenery, that is, white houses, then Poros is what you are looking for.

In the picturesque port, the boats come and go, while there are many tavenrs and places for coffee. The things you can do are to go up the clock tower to see the view and visit the Archaeological Museum. If you feel like hiking, go all the way to Neorio to see the city of Poros from the best point of view.

Small island as it is, beyond the town there are only beaches and the countryside, so you don't need a car. You can go either from Piraeus or by car from Peloponnese.

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6. Epidaurus


A peaceful destination in Peloponnese known for its ancient theater but not for its natural beauty.

At the port, sit to eat and for coffee watching the pleasure boats come and go. Also at Stork cafe overlooking the Saronic Sea is very nice. Definitely visit the ancient theater to check out its well-known acoustics and the archaeological site which is quite large. They are closed on religious and national holidays.

This excursion is combined with Nafplion, which is half an hour away, so you can extend your stay by one day.

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7. Chalkida


The reference point of Chalkida is the Evripos bridge where the waters rush and change direction every 6 hours due to the pull of the moon.

The promenade along the strait is lovely. It is worth seeing the Karambaba castle, the church of Agia Paraskevi and the mosque. It is also worth going to Nea Artaki, a picturesque port very close by.

This excursion is an easy one-day trip especially if you live in the northern suburbs of Athens.

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8. Corinthia Prefecture


The Stream of the Mills in Evrostini

The prefecture of Corinthia, with countless mountain and sea options, cannot be left out of the list.

Concerning the seaside places the options are: Vrachati, Kiato, Kato Diminio, Melissi, Sykia, Xylokastro, Derveni. There are two gateways to mountainous Corinthia, from Xylokastro and Derveni.

From Xylokastro you reach Trikala in just 45 minutes. From Derveni you go to Evrostini in half an hour, where there is the Stream of the Mills, a landscape like a fairy tale, which will appeal to young and old alike. From Trikala and Evrostini you can go to the Feneos plateau. Lake Doxa and Goura village are located there. Near Trikala is also Lake Dassiou.

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9. Arachova


Arachova is not only the ski resort but a destination for the whole year.

In spring, nature changes and you can admire the landscape in all its glory. Of course it remains a cosmopolitan destination, just like in winter, with countless options for dining and entertainment.

Don't miss to visit the archaeological site of Delphi, Agoriani, the seaside Galaxidi and as you go to Galaxidi make a stop at the village Chrisso to see the old neoclassical buildings.

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10. Achaia Prefecture


For a mountain I also recommend Achaia.

Now that the weather is getting sunny, it's an opportunity to do the nature-loving train route of Odontotos, Diakopto - Kalavryta. There are also many points of interest near Kalavryta: the cave of the Lakes, the Tsivlou lake, the Agia Lavra monastery, and the Megalo Spilaio monastery.

Also visit Planitero village with its famous sycamore forest at the source of the Aroanios river, a village where you can eat river fish such as trout and salmon grown in local fish farms.

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