Getaway to 5 islands near Athens for 2024

John KarkalatosMay 21, 2024

In this list I present the 5 nearest islands to Piraeus port, which are none other than the Argosaronic islands. With time needed to get there 40 minutes to 2 hours it is the easiest getaway for all seasons of the year.

1. Aegina


The nearest island is only 40 minutes away by flying dolphin ferry. With a rich history and a beautiful neoclassical city, I would say that it is no different from any destination on land.

The port with its neoclassical buildings create a wonderful setting with the beauty of another era, it is a classic spot for a romantic ride that you can also take in a carriage. The best time of the day is at sunset when the sun sets in front of the harbour.

There you will also see the floating groceries who sell their wares from the boats. Don't miss out on trying the pistachio, which is available in a thousand flavours, from spoon sweets to ice cream, and eat it in the city's alleys.

However it is also famous for its history with top attractions being the ancient temple of Aphaia Athena, the pillar and the temple of Agios Nektarios with the monastery of Agia Triada.

In the summer a trip to the islet of Moni is a must to swim in the wonderful beach, but also to feed the deer, an amazing activity for children. Also don't miss going to Perdika for the tavernas that serve fresh fish.

Across Perdika there are old naval batteries that were also used by the german invaders, you can read the article that I have written.

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2. Agistri


A peaceful green island 1½ hours by conventional ferry. The island is very small with the longest distance being only 10 kilometers, so it is not recommended to get around by car, the best way by bicycle or motorbike.

Skala is like a painting with the white church of Agioi Anargyri and the wonderful beach in the shape of a tongue. For swimming the best beaches are Dragonera and the magical Aponisos, a very small islet that is connected to the rest of the island by an alley.

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3. Poros


We move away from Athens and reach the coast of Peloponnese to meet the first island with white houses. The narrow streets, the port where the boats come and go and the clock tower at the top compose a wonderful scenery that takes the mind on a journey. Cafes and taverns are all concentrated in the port.

Poros is known for its wonderful beaches, the most famous of which is Limanaki tis Agapis.

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4. Hydra


Hydra needs no recommendations, although it is a nearby island, it is so special that it constitutes a category by itself. It is the only island in Greece that due to the rough terrain no vehicle can get around. Even today transportation is done by donkeys.

The mansions were built at the beginning of the 19th century. Hydraians made untold riches during the Napoleonic wars in 1803 - 1815 by practicing war trade, delivering goods to France blockaded by the English. After 1815, with the end of the war, came unemployment which, combined with the huge accumulated capital, was one of the main motives of the Revolution of 1821. The seas had already been freed and the time had come for the land.

In Kamini, the now-abandoned colorful house was used as a backdrop in the Greek films "Mermaids and Magicians" (1968) and "Let's Love Each Other Darling" (1984).

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5. Spetses


In my opinion it is an island that we don't give it the importance it deserves. With a rich history, intense nightlife in the summer, two picturesque harbours and pine-covered scenery, it is a nearby romantic destination. The scenic walk from Dapia to the Old Port can also be done by carriage. In recent years, two foreign Netflix films have been shot there, "The Lost Daughter" with Oscar winner Olivia Colman and "Knives Out 2" with ex-James Bond Daniel Craig.

Amazing beaches can be found even within the city of Spetses.

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