12 destinations near Athens for super budget holidays

John Karkalatos21 May 2022

Now that fuel prices and product price hikes are breaking one record after another the cost of the holidays has become prohibitive for the average Greek.

That's why I gathered in this article the most attractive summer destinations within reachable distance from Athens. Close enough so as the cost of travel not to be high but also far enough to feel the peace of the holidays.

The list starts with the destinations nearest to Athens and ends with the most distant.

1. Tolo


Once it was a fishing village founded by Cretan refugees with a resolution of Ioannis Kapodistrias and today it is one of the most famous tourist resorts in the Peloponnese. Great attraction is the beach with fine golden sand that you will enjoy diving and sunbathing. The village has many taverns, cafes, bars and hotels several of them overlooking the sea.

Among the things you should do is go on a sea excursion to Hydra and Spetses islands with Pegasus Cruises or a boat trip to the nearby island Romvi for a swim.

2. Nea Styra

Nea Styra

The once fishing village today is one of the most famous tourist resorts of Evia. In Nea Styra enjoy your swim on the beach, admire the sunset and walk on the seaside street where all the cafes and taverns are located. It is also worth visiting Drakospita higher up in the mountain.

You can go either by road or by ferry via Agia Marina near Marathon.

3. Loutraki


The nearest destination to Athens. It is famous for the large pebble beach, the sunsets and the rather long coastal pedestrian street where the cafes and taverns are lined up. A classic point of interest are the artificial waterfalls at the end of the street.

4. Paralio Astros

Paralio Astros

The coastal town of Arcadia with the medieval castle standing above it like a crown composes a magical setting for a summer getaway. The huge beach, the pleasant climate and the picturesque harbour will immediately put you in the mood for vacation and relaxation.

You will find many cafes, bars and taverns on the beach as well as inside the picturesque alley. It has a plethora of rooms for rent as in the summer the residents of Tripoli land there for their summer swims.

5. Poros


Here is an island on the list so close to land that the ferry takes less than 5 minutes to reach it. It is famous for its green landscape, the sandy beaches and the characteristic architecture. In the harbour are all the eateries and cafes while there is enough traffic with the canal boats and the yachts to catch the eye.

The nearest beach is Kanali while the most beautiful concerning natural beauty is Limani tis Agapis (port of love). It is also worth strolling the alleys for photos and reaching the Clock to enjoy the view.

6. Porto Heli

Porto Heli

The most well - known tourist resort of Argolida where in recent years two international hotel brands have opened, Nikki Beach and Amanzoe, establishing it as the destination of the international jet set. Porto Heli stands out for its pine - covered landscape, lacy shores with beautiful beaches and its sunny climate.

The best beach is Ververonta with the tavern Maistraki on the pebbles stealing the impressions with the delicious dishes. What is worth seeing is the island - style church Evangelistria, the picturesque harbour kavouraki and to go on a day trip to Spetses.

7. Ermioni


To be on the land and to think that you are on an island can happen only in Ermioni. Incomparably beautiful and picturesque with two harbours to walk and eat traditional flavors overlooking the sea. It is worth walking the Bisti forest with the ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon.

8. Drepano - Vivari



Two coastal areas of Argolida close to each other suitable for family holidays. Especially in Vivari you will find several fish taverns - grills by the sea.

9. Tyros


A fishing village in a wild part of Arcadia where the mountains end vertically in the sea but the landscape hides many beauties. In Tyros you will have the opportunity to walk to the picturesque harbour to see traditional fishing vessels, on the fairly long seaside street and to eat and drink by the sea. The village has a beach but Tigani beach is better a few meters outside the village.

10. Leonidio


Although it is known as the capital of Tsakonia (Tsakones are a greek tribe), it has incredible beaches overlooking the Myrtos Sea which makes it an attractive summer destination. In the picturesque harbour of Plaka enjoy your swim on the pebble beach and sit for hours at the beach bar and the fish taverns. In Leonidio it is worth a visit to see the mansions and the bridges of the torrent Dafnonas.

11. Agali


A huge sandy beach in northern Evia overlooking the Aegean skyline. It is a quiet destination suitable for family holidays, in the village you will find many cafes and taverns. The landscape is clearly taken from the big fires of 2021.

12. Rovies


A very pleasant beach with the main feature being the turn it takes. Calm, suitable for children, you enjoy swimming and sunbathing for hours as well as the sunset. In the village you will find cafes and taverns. It is worth visiting the monastery of Osios David, Drymonas waterfalls and a ride to Limni, a nearby town.