Stoupa in Messinia: holidays on a golden beach

John KarkalatosOctober 25, 2023

Stoupa beach

In this part of Messinian Mani the high mountains give way to coves with golden sandy beaches creating a magical landscape that relaxes the senses. Stoupa is a peaceful destination suitable for rest and family holidays, if you have children they will be more than happy.

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The beach is really great with coarse sand that doesn't stain you, you don't have to worry about carrying it in your car. Also on the plus side is that you can watch the sunset.

Stoupa beach

Sunset on the beach

There is free space to camp with your umbrella but unfortunately it is little, most of it is covered with umbrellas. There are also showers. It is better to go on foot because the parking space is limited so make sure to find accommodation close to the beach, the distances even on foot are short.

There are also quite a few foreign tourists due to the proximity to Kalamata airport. It is about 3½ hours from Athens and 10 minutes from Kardamyli. Read about how to get to Stoupa.

In Stoupa I was really rejuvenated by the hike. I would get up early in the morning and walk from the calm in the morning beach to Kalogria. Another hiking route I discovered is behind the Lefktro Castle where there is a peaceful seaside road. If you can stand the climb you can go up to Lefktro Castle. Read my article about activities in Messinian Mani.

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From 20:00 in the evening until 02:00 after midnight, the promenade turns into a pedestrian street, so go on foot there and not with your vehicle. As no vehicles pass the children play on the street.

Stoupa beach

The seaside street

Where to eat

Stoupa focuses on homemade and traditional food, you will not find restaurants with gourmet dishes here.

  1. Riviera Restaurant greek homemade food with dishes such as moussaka, pastitsio, yuvetsi, kleftiko lamb, baked lamb, stew
  2. Mango also homemade food with dishes such as beef stew, moussaka, lamb kleftiko, stuffed vegetables, lemon chicken, mix grill, ribs
  3. Melissa Tavern some of the dishes are chicken with fruit, rabbit stew, ribs, sweet and sour pork
  4. To Spitiko tis Aggelikis family tavern with homemade food. Some of the dishes are stew, stuffed vegetables, moussaka, juvetsi, aubergines stuffed with feta, club pie, gyros
    Stoupa beach
  5. Ta 5 aderfia homemade food mainly with meat
  6. I Avli tis Theanos (Theano's courtyard)
    Stoupa beach
  7. Stoupa Restaurant here I would describe the food as homemade gourmet. In a location overlooking the beach
  8. Liastres what I wrote about the Stoupa restaurant also applies for Liastres
    Stoupa beach


  9. Akrogiali
  10. Pefko
  11. Perasma steakhouse on the way to Kalogria with dishes such as steaks, ribs, souvlaki, homemade pizza, baked spaghetti

Also don't miss an ice cream at Leonardo and a wide variety of cocktails at Enigma bar.

Stoupa beach

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Where to stay in Stoupa

  1. I stayed at Lefkis Apartments & Studios just 300 meters from the beach. We are a family with 2 small children, the children slept on couches. Kritikos supermarket is very close so I shopped there and then we prepared meals and snacks in the room kitchen.
  2. Lighthouse Apartments overlooking Kalogria beach
    Stoupa beach

    Lighthouse Apartments

  3. Linari Villas on the road to Kalogria