What to do in Messinian Mani - 6 activities

John KarkalatosOctober 25, 2023

1. Stroll in Kardamyli

An old settlement always prompts you to wander the narrow streets to discover what it hides. Walk on the main street and from there on the alleys that lead to the sea, you will discover the hidden parts of Kardamyli. The best attraction however is located in Old Kardamyli with the Mourtzinos Tower, a typical tower of Mani and the 17th century Agios Spyridon church the most characteristic picture of Kardamyli.

View of Kardamyli

2. Swim in Stoupa beach

You can't miss going to Messinian Mani and not swim in Stoupa, this exotic beach that just seeing it, makes you want to plunge. Of course after swimming you can eat whatever your appetite likes from homemade food and souvlaki.

Stoupa beach

3. At Foneas beach

I'm not saying you should definitely swim there because it's a wild beach and it's not for everyone especially small children. Pebbles are big like a shoe. But even if you don't go down there, it's worth seeing its impressive rocks from above as it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Peloponnese.

Foneas beach

4. Sunset at Aquarella Cafe

A courtyard in an amazing spot in Kardamyli where you can watch the sunset unhindered. With a view of the old customs office, the islet Meropi and of course the sea. Magical and romantic spot but everything I may say is little.

Aquarella cafe

5. Hiking along Stoupa - Agios Nikolaos path

Messinian Mani has such a beach front that it certainly tempts you to hike along it. So behind Lefktro Castle in Stoupa begins a pedestrian path that reaches the picturesque fishing village Agios Nikolaos 2.5 kilometers further. Wonderfully refreshing route, you can listen the waves crashing on the rocks and fill your lungs with sea air. The best hour to hike there is in the afternoon so as to watch the sunset.

Seaside path Stoupa - Agios Nikolaos

6. At Agios Nikolaos fishing village

If you are seeking for something even more peaceful and more picturesque than Kardamyli and Stoupa then you should visit Agios Nikolaos, a small fishing village a few kilometers south of Stoupa. It is a very small village with an amazing harbour, fishing boats and stone houses that make up a unique setting. Enjoy your coffee in the harbour and fresh fish from the boats along with greek - Mani cuisine in the taverns. Pantazi beach is very close if you want to swim.

Agios Nikolaos