Metro Guide 2024: Lines - Map - How to get a ticket

John KarkalatosUPDATED January 21, 2024

A Metro station


Line Colour Route
Line 1 Green Piraeus - Kifissia
Line 2 Red Anthoupoli - Elliniko
Line 3 Blue Dimotiko Theatro - Airport

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How do I get a ticket

For regular use of the Metro the rechargeable Athena Card is recommended. They are charged at the stations at the vending machines or via the Internet. For card details you must visit the official website

For a ticket to the Airport read here.

In order to purchase a ticket from the vending machines select "Buy Travel Product". Ticket prices are:

Athens Area
90 Minutes 1.20 €
24 Hours 4.10 €
5 Days 8.20 €
2 Trips 2.30 €
5 Trips 5.70 €
10 + 1 Trips 12.00 €

The Athens Area ticket is used on Metro, Tram and city buses. You can use it as many times as you need, as long as you validate it on all means you enter within that 90 minute period. It is still valid until you disembark even if the 90 minutes have passed. "Trips" refer to ticket packages that you buy at better prices.

Airport Express Bus
90 Minutes 5.50 €
Athens & Airport
90 Minutes 9.00 €
Athens & Airport, Round
90 Minutes 16.00 €
3 days 20.00 €

The options "Card Info" and "Top Up" are for Athena Card. Insert the card into the slot and follow the instructions. Vending machines accept coins, banknotes and bank cards. Foreign bank cards may not be accepted so it's better to have change.