Metro ticket for the Athens Airport

John KarkalatosJanuary 21, 2023

Athens Metro

Metro tickets can be purchased from the ticket vendors at the entrances of the Metro stations or at the OASA ticket kiosks. The prices are as follows:

90 Minutes 9,00 €
Athens & Airport, Round
90 Minutes 16,00 €
3 Days 20,00 €

The 90-minute ticket* is also valid for tram, city buses (except for EXPRESS) while the round trip for one route from and one to the Airport**. The 3-day ticket is mainly for tourists, valid for one route from and one to the Airport (or the EXPRESS bus lines) as well as for tram and city buses.

At the Metro ticket vendors press Buy Travel Product > Athens & Airport or Buy Travel Product > Athens & Airport, Round.

*it is valid for 90 minutes from its first validation, if you get in to another mean of transport the validation must be done within 90 minutes and is valid until disembarkation.

**the second route must be made within 30 days from the first.