The 6 best beaches of Messinian Mani

John KarkalatosSeptember 3, 2023

1. Stoupa

Stoupa beach

A wonderful sandy beach with coarse sand, excellent even for the smallest children. Because the sand is coarse and not fine, it does not stain. Around there are shops for souvlaki, food, sweets and ice cream. Many visitors take care to stay in rooms close the beach so they can go there on foot. There are umbrellas and sunbeds as well as free space for your own umbrella.

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2. Kalogria

Kalogria beach

A magical sandy beach with golden sand and turquoise waters suitable for children. However the sight of umbrellas covering almost the entire beach is disappointing and makes it look more like an army camp. For free space on the left is a continuation of the beach with rocks otherwise behind the umbrellas. See more photos.

3. Foneas

Foneas beach

A wild and special beach with thick pebbles, wonderful waters and the characteristic big rock that stands in the middle. Even if you don't go swimming there it's worth a stop on the road to photograph it. See more photos.

4. Delfinia

Delfinia beach

A popular sandy beach with beautiful scenery, also suitable for children. There is quite a downhill to get there. There is also a canteen. See more photos.

5. Ritsa

Ritsa beach

A quiet and long beach with coarse pebbles and wonderful waters outside Kardamyli. There are also some canteens. See more photos.

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6. Kalamitsi

Kalamitsi beach

A small beach with a wonderful natural landscape, it has pebbles outside and sand inside. See more photos.