Magical Christmas in Oneiroupoli in Drama

John KarkalatosDecember 15, 2022

Oneiroupoli in Drama

Every Christmas the Municipal Garden of Drama is transformed into a fairytale place that spreads joy to children and adults through games, activities and events. Everywhere the atmosphere is festive.

On the main stage theater performances, dances and concerts take place daily. The spectacle is wonderful and will captivate the little friends of Oneiroupoli, many of them turn into parties. The weekends they start in the morning and last until night.

Oneiroupoli in Drama

Santa's Post Office

At the kiosks children will have the opportunity to do the following activities:

Actions are also held at the kiosks. A children's train also operates.

Oneiroupoli in Drama

Santa's Carpentry

The most impressive spot is the pond. It is surrounded by small houses connected by bridges and in the water there is a polar bear, boats and a flying pigeon. There you will take the most beautiful photos.

Oneiroupoli in Drama

The pond

You can visit also the Christmas Market for sweet treats and christmas crafts and the Amusement Park for games.

All the activities of Oneiroupoli are free, for the program consult the official website.