4 reasons for holidays on September

John KarkalatosFebruary 8, 2023

Holidays on September

Why are island holidays on September so much better than July and August?

1. Beat the crowds

On July and August tourist season peaks, the islands can become pretty crowded and noisy. Choose to visit them as late as possible in September, anyway the sunshine in the Aegean this month lasts well.

2. The weather

The intense summer heat subsides from mid-September with temperatures hovering around 28 - 30°C on the islands. Also the summer northern winds in the Aegean calm down around mid-September allowing calm sea trips and boat trips.

3. The prices

September is not a high tourist season in most areas in Greece and prices (travel and accommodation) are lower than in July and August.

4. The calmness

Once the crowds start to break up the locals become more relaxed and can sit with visitors and have a normal human conversation without stress. Sit with them, ask them about their stories, why they love their place, they will remember it for a long time.

Choose a destination without restrictions, whichever island you would choose in the summer season, just forget the tourist crowds, the high temperatures and the high prices. In the "RELATED ARTICLES" section below I also have some recommendations.