Christmas at the Mill of the Elves in Trikala

John KarkalatosDecember 10, 2022

The Mill of the Elves

Every Christmas the Mill of the Elves invites young and old on a fairytale journey to spread smiles and joy along with endless play. This year Alice, the Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the rest of the heroes from the fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland are waiting for you.

The Mill of the Elves

Alice, the Rabbit and the Mad Hatter are waiting for you on the carousel to take a picture with them

The magical journey begins at the Chocolate Factory. There you will find all kinds of chocolate and candies. In the Forest of Wishes hang your wishes on fir trees as an ornament. Then take a photo with the Queen of Hearts guarded by playing cards. There you will also see the machines of the Mill working non-stop to produce all this chocolate. On the upper floors is the Mill Museum.

The Mill of the Elves

The Queen of Hearts

Coming out of the Mill you encounter the Candy Express where you can get candies to continue. Next to that you will see the cow Olympia with the goat Amalthea and the Cat with the magic potions. At the Playmobil kiosk you will learn about the greek mythology with the gods of Olympus, Argo, Cyclops and of course you will see the playmobil Santa Claus.

At the Christmas Fun Park young and old can play in the Luna Park games. There are also many stands where you can eat all kinds of delicacies: cotton candy, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, crepes and many more.

The Mill of the Elves

At Christmas Fun Park

From there you go to the most impressive part of Mylos which is the water fortress, bridges that pass over a small river decorated with lights, stars floating and Santa's sleigh with reindeer passing over. At night the spectacle with the reflections in the water from the lights is rather impressive. This spot is also the most photographed of the Mill. There you will see the ducks passing by. There is also a tree house.

The Mill of the Elves

The water fortress

The Mill of the Elves

Another shot of the water fortress

In the big world of Mad Hatter he invites you for tea in a large sitting room with large dishes from which you have to try a little hard to drink it. Then there is the maze and the mushroom world with a caterpillar.

The Mill of the Elves

The mushroom world. The caterpillar is also waiting there for photos

From there you cross an impressively decorated bridge with a teapot pouring tea into the river. In the elves' ice rink the more daring can go ice skating and then there's the snow slide.

The end holds the best. At the train station of the Elves a train like the one of the movie "Polar Express" is blowing smoke and is ready to go. A wagon is the mail. It is decorated inside and on an old school desk the children write their letter to Santa Claus to drop it in the mailbox.

The Mill of the Elves

The train

The Well of the Wishes hears your wishes when you whisper them. There is the Christmas market with very nice handmade Christmas handcrafts, Santa's forest and a fire place to keep warm.

Santa's house is amazing, wooden with great decoration just like in the movies. Santa Claus stands by the fireplace and waits for the children to talk and take pictures with him.

The Mill of the Elves

Santa's house

At night everything turns fantastic, the thousands of lights and the decorated trees create a fantastically warm atmosphere despite the cold.

I should not forget to mention the wood carving workshop and face painting which will delight the kids.

The entrance is free. You only pay for the rides in the Luna Park and what you get to eat. Parking is easy, there is a parking lot next to the Mill. On the weekends it gets very crowded so if you want to see it in peace choose to go on a weekday.