Kardamyli: holidays between the sea and Taygetos mountain

John KarkalatosOctober 25, 2023


Kardamyli is a place with history that has the towering Taygetos on the one side and beautiful lacy coasts on the other. This part of Messinian Mani is endowed with the picturesque village with stone houses, wonderful beaches and an old town that you think came from Sicily.

The stone houses and tower houses of the 19th century challenge you to walk around Kardamyli to explore and discover nice restaurants and cafes in the narrow streets. I, who like history, discovered in the square busts of Theodoros Kolokotronis and Panagiotis Troupakis - Mourtzinos, head of the Troupakis family during the Revolution of 1821.

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The beaches are all pebbly, the largest being Ritsa. But also inside Kardamyli, a spot for plunging is the pier where there is also a small beach next to which you can go swim.


At the pier for plunging

There is another very small one next to the Liakoto hotel. To go to the beaches go down the street from Panagia church and follow the seaside road. You will come across small beaches with rocks until you reach Ritsa. There somewhere you will also see the stone towers, a very nice sight that is worth admiring. I also happened to meet the man who makes them who told me that he has imitators who make smaller towers.


The stone towers

On the seaside road there are canteens and taverns to combine swimming with food. I write more about where to eat below.


On the way to Ritsa there are several places to eat

In Old Kardamyli you will find the most important attraction in Messinian Mani, the Mourtzinos Tower with the fortified complex of Mourtzinos - Troupakis.

Another interesting place to walk is the old customs office.


The old customs office

The nightlife of Kardamyli is peaceful with food, relaxed drink and ice cream. It is 3½ hours from Athens, while the distance between Kardamyli and Stoupa is 10 minutes. Read about how to get to Kardamyli.

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Where to eat

In Kardamyli

On the seaside road to Ritsa

Search for accommodation in Kardamyli

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