How to get to Piraeus port - Map

John KarkalatosUPDATED April 18, 2024

Piraeus port

Piraeus port

The access to Piraeus port is not only about getting there but also about reaching the pier where your ferry departs. Read in this article all the details to get there without unnecessary hassle.

The port is huge and the fact that you are carrying your luggage makes it necessary to know all the details. The gates for Cyclades and Argosaronicos, E10 to E6, are easily accessible because they are the ones with the most passenger traffic. The gates to Northern Aegean, Crete and Dodecanese are remote.

Below I have made a map that will inform you about the Piraeus port. I have put pins at the gates, at the port bus stops and at all the ticket booths. Where I have a photo available you will see it by clicking the pin. Most gates have air-conditioned waiting rooms.

1. By Metro

ISAP station Piraeus

ISAP station "Piraeus"

The green line 1 of the ISAP and the blue line 3 of the Metro end at the Piraeus port. From there you enter the gate of the Cyclades from the side of the inner port. If you are going to the farthest gates, ie 4 to 1, you will need to use the port bus (OLP bus) or take a taxi. Below is a map of the Metro. The Piraeus port is at the station "Piraeus" of the lines 1 and 3.

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2. Taxi

Taxi rank at the port

Taxi rank at the port

The easiest way to arrive if you have a lot of luggage or if the departure gate is remote (4 to 1). There are taxi ranks inside the port. The fare is predetermined only for the transfer to and from Athens Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos": single fare (05:00-00:00) €42 and double (00:00-05:00) ) €73.5.

3. With your vehicle

The gate E4

The gate E4

If you go with your vehicle make sure to find the gate where your ferry departs. It is usually mentioned on the ticket. To find its exact location refer to the map above.

Gate Destinations Entry/Exit
E10 Western Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria Exit only
E9 Western Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria Entrance only
E8 Argosaronicos Entrance/Exit
E7 Cyclades Entrance/Exit
E6 Cyclades Pedestrian entrance
E5 Port bus departure point (OLP bus) Pedestrian entrance
E4 Kythera Exit only
E3 Crete, Kythera Entrance/Exit
E2 Crete, Chios, Mytilene, Samos, Ikaria Entrance/Exit
E1 Dodecanese Entrance/Exit

4. By Suburban Railway

The "Piraeus" station is the terminal of the Piraeus - Airport and Piraeus - Kiato lines. There is no entrance gate to the site so you will have to walk to the Metro/ISAP station (short distance).

5. Transportation within the port

Port bus stop

Port bus stop (OLP bus) and waiting area

Because the port stretches for several kilometers there is a port bus (OLP bus) to serve the access to the remote gates 4 to 1. It starts approximately from the pedestrian bridge at Akti Kallimasioti and arrives at the gate E1 of the Dodecanese where it returns. It does not pass through the Cyclades and Argosaronic gates. It is free and at the stops there are seats with awnings.

The stops are:

Stop Exact stopping point
1. ISAP starting point – Suburban railway Pedestrian bridge - gate E5
2. Agios dionysios 1 – OSE Gate E3 at Agios Dionysios
3. Agios Dionysios 2 Crete departures, opposite Elyros
4. Ietion 1 Crete departures, opposite Festos Palace
5. Ietion 2 At the first industrial building with the bricks
6. Dexamenes Opposite Nissos Samos at the last industrial building with the bricks
7. Ministry of Shipping At the characteristic modern building with the windows - it serves the needs of the staff
8. Vasileiadi 1 – Customs Gate E1
9. Vasileiadi 2 A few meters further up the previous one
10. Terma (End) Gate E1

6. From Athens city center

With Metro lines 1 and 3. Also by bus with the line 040 Syntagma - Piraeus.

7. From the Airport

By the Metro line 3 to the "Piraeus" station.

By taxi the single fare (05:00-00:00) is €42 and the double (00:00-05:00) €73.50.

With the Express X96 bus. The ticket costs €5.50, you can also get it from automatic ticket sellers in Metro and ISAP by choosing Buy Travel Product > Airport Express Bus. The line is 24/7.

8. From Kifisos KTEL station

By bus 052 Eleonas Station – Kifisos Intercity Bus Station and then from Eleonas Station with the blue line 3 of the Metro.

9. From Larissis station

Directly by Suburban Railway to Piraeus or by Metro with the red line 2 and change at "Omonoia" station with green line 1.

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