How to get to Kalamata and Messinia's destinations

John KarkalatosUPDATED January 7, 2024

Updated with 2024 toll prices

In this article you will find information about how to get to Kalamata and the popular destinations of Messinia: Kyparissia, Filiatra, Gargalianoi, Pylos, Petalidi, Methoni, Finikounta, Costa Navarino, Gialova, Voidokoilia, Petalidi, Agios Andreas, Verga, Mantineia, Kardamyli and Stoupa.

* At the end of the article there is a Google map with all the routes I describe.

The distance between Athens and Kalamata is 240 km and you can cross it in just under 3 hours. Starting from Athens you pass through 7 toll stations (the toll below is for a private car).

Athens - Isthmus
Eleusis 2.30 €
Isthmus 1.90 €
Korinthos - Kalamata
Spathovouni 2.70 €
Nestani 2.60 €
Manari Bridge 2.10 €
Veligosti 1.35 €
Kalamata 2.05 €

The total cost for a private car is €15.00 (€4.20 Athens - Isthmus and €10.80 Korinthos - Kalamata). After Kalamata there are no more tolls.

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For Kalamata

Tsakona bridge

Tsakona bridge

In order to reach Kalamata follow the Korinthos - Kalamata National Road that starts from the Isthmus. You pass through Korinthos, Tripoli, Megalopolis, Lefktro junction which is the turn to Sparta and you do not turn anywhere at any junction, the National Road ends in Kalamata. As soon as you reach the arched bridge of Tsakona you enter the Messinian plain. As you approach Kalamata there is a sign for the Kalamata exit. Straight you continue towards Areopolis - Mani - Sparta.

For Kyparissia - Filiatra - Gargalianoi

Patra - Pyrgos exit

Patra - Pyrgos exit

If your destination is Kyparissia, Filiatra or Gargalianoi, turn before Kalamata at the exit for Patra - Pyrgos shortly after the Tsakona bridge. At the end of the route, in the village of Kalo Nero, turn left as the sign indicates. Right you head towards Pyrgos and Patra.

At this exit you turn for the villages of the Messinian plain of Meligalas, Zevgolateio, Oichalia, Meropi, Allagi where you reach them through country roads.

For Pylos, Petalidi, Methoni, Finikounta, Costa Navarino, Gialova, Voidokoilia, Agios Andreas

On the Korinthos - Kalamata National Road, turn at the exit for Pylos - Messini a few kilometers before Kalamata. You cross Messini and after a short drive you arrive at the village Rizomylos. There you will come across a crossroad with signs. For Pylos continue straight ahead. The route Kalamata - Pylos is about 1 hour. For Petalidi, Koroni, Agios Andreas turn left. Just before you reach Pylos there is a junction for Costa Navarino, Gialova, Voidokoilia (the signs also write Kyparissia, Filiatra, Gargaliani). For Pylos continue straight. From Pylos continue south to Methoni, Finikounta.

For Verga, Mantineies, Kardamyli, Stoupa (Mani)

The road to Mani

Crossing the slopes of Taygetus

On the Korinthos - Kalamata National Road do not turn at the Kalamata exit but continue straight ahead as the signs says for Areopoli - Mani - Sparta. At the junction on Kalamata beach you continue straight as the signs say. You pass first through Verga, then Mantineies and then you enter the mountains of Taygetus where the road has several turns. You arrive in Kardamyli and Stoupa after about 40 minutes. Continuing the road you pass through Agios Nikolaos and then you head to Oitylo - Areopolis in Laconia.


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