26 words you need to know when traveling by ferry

John KarkalatosJuly 7, 2020

Ferries are a very popular mean of transport in Greece and passengers have to be familiar with some basic vocabulary before even booking a ticket.

  1. Ferry company: the ferry owner. Ferry companies own one or more ferries that operate the routes
  2. Ferry: the vessel that conveys passengers and vehicles
  3. Conventional ferry: the classic type of ferry, with big lounges, big open decks to enjoy the sea and big capacity of passengers and vehicles
    Blue Star ferry Diagoras
  4. High-speed ferry: it's like a small conventional ferry with an aerodynamic shape. It's faster and has no open decks
  5. Catamaran: the fastest type of ferry, easy to distinguish it from the double hull. It hasn't open decks so as to reduce air drag
    Hellenic Seaways catamaran
  6. Flying dolphin (hydrofoil): the smallest type of ferry. It's elongated and when it reaches speed it rises from the sea and goes faster. It has only numbered seats
    Hellenic Seaways flying dolphin
  7. Ferry boat: small ferry that connects two neighboring coasts
    Ferry boat in Elafonisos
  8. Island hopping: traveling from one island to another, usually 3 or more
  9. Apagoreftiko: in case of bad weather conditions the routes are canceled
  10. Gates: applies only to Piraeus port. Destinations are organized in gates
  11. Ticket booth: in Piraeus port, ferry companies have their own ticket booths at the appropriate gates. You'll find ticket booths in almost all ports across Greece
  12. Catapult: the rear side of the ferry that opens like a bridge and passengers and vehicles board. Every time the ferry approaches a port, there is action there. The crew is throwing the anchor ropes to the docks
  13. Luggage storage area: as soon as you enter the ferry, you place your luggage to the luggage storage area
  14. Deck: the "floors" of the ferry. They are connected with stairs and elevators
  15. Vehicle's deck: the deck where we park our vehicles
  16. Open deck: the open-air deck
  17. Upper deck: the deck on top of the ferry. It's the largest open-air deck
  18. Lounge: the passenger area on the main deck
  19. Airline/numbered seats
  20. Cabins: the rooms of the ferry, located on the lower decks
  21. Announcements: the voice you'll hear on the loudspeakers when leaving or arriving on a port
  22. Kavos: the anchor rope
    Ferry in Greece
  23. kairos - ehi kairo (in greek): bad weather conditions
  24. Spitha: lighthouse
    Lighthouse in the Cyclades
  25. Vrahonisida: small rocky and uninhabited islet
    A rocky islet in the Cyclades
  26. Aponera: the line of waves the ferry leaves behind
    Waves of ferry boat