When Zeus met Thor

John KarkalatosSeptember 12, 2022

In the new Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder Thor (Chris Hemsworth) goes to meet Zeus (Russell Crowe) to ask for his help against Gor, Slayer of Gods.

Thor and Zeus

In the Golden Temple is held the Holy Council of the Gods with the most powerful gods of the universe. Of course the leader of the gods is Zeus. He makes a spectacular entrance emerging through clouds and lightning onto his golden flying throne. A spectacular display follows with his thunderbolt that rouses all the gods. Thor expresses his admiration about Zeus.

But then Zeus shows his true face. He is preoccupied with trivial matters, which will be this year's orgy and the declaration of the victorious god with the most sacrifices in his name.

Thor is undaunted and asks in front of the council for their help in expelling Gor who is tormenting the people of Asgard. But Zeus is afraid because Gor possesses the god-slaying Necrosword and prefers the safety of his Temple, so he orders Thor's detention because he is afraid that he will betray to Gor the Temple's location.

Thor is enraged by Zeus's attitude. With the help of his friends he fights the guards of Zeus and manages to defeat them, and Zeus himself together, they grab his thunderbolt and they escape. At the end of the movie Thor fights Gor with the help of the thunderbolt.

For Zeus, however, the confrontation has not ended here. He wants people to fear the gods again once Thor falls from the heavens, and he speaks to his son Hercules. So I am waiting for the next movie for more!