The bricklayer - The movie that was shot in Thessaloniki

John KarkalatosFebruary 14, 2024

The bricklayer

In Aristotelous Square. From the movie trailer

The movies that have been filmed in the co-capital continue with The Bricklayer, which premiered in Greece on January 25, 2024.

The exterior shots have been shot in Thessaloniki and do not miss the opportunity to showcase the beauties of the city. Footage has been shot in Ano Poli on the Byzantine walls overlooking Thermaikos gulf and in the alleys. Aristotelous Square, the White Tower and a Byzantine church are depicted. Action scenes have been shot in the city.

Radek is a former CIA agent in Greece who as soon as was exposed, the Russian mafia killed his family. For reasons of revenge, he begins to kill journalists who speak publicly against the CIA to make it appear that the CIA itself is the perpetrator. The agency's reaction is to send Vail (Aaron Eckhart), also a former agent in Greece, to Greece along with Kate (Nina Dobrev). Upon their arrival in the country, Vail uses his acquaintances to track down Radek's next target, Alekos Melas, but Radek manages to kill him.

The bricklayer

Thermaikos gulf. From the movie trailer

Suspicion ensues between Vail and Kate about who might be leaking information to Radek. His next target is the greek minister for foreign affairs Kostas Leontaris (Akis Sakellariou). During the minister's speech in Aristotelous Square, Vail spots him a few seconds before pulling the trigger and neutralizes him once and for all.

After this adventure in Greece, Vail returns to his old job as a bricklayer.