Exploring the lively graffiti on the streets of Athens

John KarkalatosNovember 5, 2023

Street art in Athens

Athens' urban art scene is a mesmerizing mix of colours, styles and messages that bring life to its narrow streets and bustling neighborhoods. From bold political statements to intricate murals, the street art here tells stories of resilience and creativity. One cannot help but be captivated by the artistry and social commentary that adorns the walls.

Did you know that Athens has a long history of street art dating back to the 1960s? It was a means of political expression in times of turmoil and has evolved into a vibrant and respected art form today. Artists from all over the world come to Athens to leave their mark on its walls, contributing to the city's ever-changing visual landscape.

Whether you're wandering the historic district of Plaka or exploring the alternative neighborhood of Exarchia, Athens' street art scene is waiting to be discovered. Take time to enjoy the colours, meanings and emotions these works convey. It is a living testament to the creative spirit of this city.

The walls of the buildings, the shops, the ruins, almost everything in Athens is covered in colours. Several works are smears often without meaning. But you can also find beautiful jewels, real works of art that are worth stopping to admire, you can stand next to them and take pictures.


A neighborhood known for the neoclassical buildings, cafes and bistros, graffitis, abandoned buildings, drug addicts. A mixture of modern history, poverty, elegance and social effort to revive. Here lies "Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens" and "So Many Books, So Little Time."

Street art in Athens

Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens

Kerameikos - Gazi

In Gazi, on Piraeus Avenue in the old OSY depot, variations of Leonardo da Vinci's works, the Vitruvian Man, the eyes of Mona Lisa and the Last Supper have been created. The Last Supper depicts 12 people bargaining with each other while desperate hands under the table beg them for something.

Street art in Athens

Mona Lisa's eyes


In Piraeus Avenue we find the praying hands that beautify a really ugly building while Snowblind is a man blinded by his money and power.

Street art in Athens

The praying hands


The alleys in Psirri have been transformed into a canvas of expressiveness. The best known is "Apocalypse Now" while there are countless others worth admiring. "Loukanikos" also stands out, the portrait of the dog that accompanied the marches during the financial crisis.

Street art in Athens

Apocalypse Now


As in the neighbouring Psirri here too every alley has been turned into a canvas. The graffiti that stands out is the Panda.

Street art in Athens

The Panda


In the harbour there are two graffitis worth noting, at the entrance of the harbour "We have the power" and in the old industrial building with the Victory of Samothrace and the astrolabe of Antikythera.

Street art in Athens