The most ancient bridges in europe are located between Nafplio and Epidaurus

John KarkalatosApril 21, 2021

In Argolida, the Mycenaean civilization has left its traces with megalithic constructions that have remained untouched in time, some of which are the mycenaean bridges.

They date back 3,200 - 3,500 years, they are sightseeings older than the Trojan War and impress with the fact that they can still be used today even by a car.

They are located at Arkadiko village, on the road Nafplio - Epidaurus and are parts of an ancient road that connected the mycenaean kingdoms of Argolida with Epidaurus.

Only two are visible, but there are several more that have been covered from soil to top. Nearby are other finds too: a vaulted tomb and a mycenaean castle that aren't accessible, but you can just take a glance.

If you pass by, it's worth stoping to admire these unique archeological finds up close.

The bridge of Kazarma

The bridge at Arkadiko, of Kazarma as it's called, which is the largest in the mycenaean road

A mycenean bridge

The second bridge, there is a sign and a short path that leads there