The 18 best beaches in Argolis

John KarkalatosAugust 14, 2023

At the end of the article there is a Google map with all the beaches.

1. Arvanitia


The nearest beach to the old town of Nafplio with something of the 1970s. It is so close that you can go there walking. There you may swim in clear blue waters under the castles of Akronafplia and Palamidi.

The beach is small with pebbles but there is also a concrete platform that you enter the sea with a ladder as well as rocks for those who want to sit further away from the crowd. Showers and changing rooms are provided and there is also parking.

Blublanc beach bar provides sunbeds and is a very good choice for food and drinks in the evening.

2. Karathona


The beach that residents of Nafplio frequent for swimming. Large, sandy but quite noisy, with beach bars, sunbeds and water sports. I recommend extreme caution on this beach because a poisonous algae called sea anemone grows on the bottom and if you or your children touch it the skin turns black and you must immediately go to the Nafplio Hospital or else if it is not on duty to Argos Hospital.

3. Tolo


A long-suffering beach where the buildings are built in the sand, it nevertheless remains attractive to those who want to enjoy their swim. In Tolo you will also find taverns, cafes, pizza, souvlaki and ice cream.

4. Plaka - Kastraki

Plaka - Kastraki

A long beach that starts from Drepano and reaches Asini. In some places it is with pebbles and in others with sand, while as the name implies, it has large slabs inside. On the Drepano side there are hotels and various shops while the other side is deserted.

5. Vivari


The sandy beach in Vivari is popular among the children and not only. To the left of the beach there is shade from large trees while there are several taverns on the spot.

6. Kondyli


One of the most popular options for swimming in the Nafplio area. A large beach with pebbles outside and with sand inside, there is parking lot, free space on the beach, some beach bars and sunbeds. There you can also do water sports.

7. Kandia


A large sandy beach with dark sand at a distance of 25 minutes from Nafplio. Peaceful just what you need for relaxation. Tzavaras tavern and Baraki beach bar are located there.

8. Gialasi


The most well-known beach of Palaia Epidaurus. It is located a short distance from the settlement. Peaceful with pleasant waters and sunbeds there are hotels and campsites around.

9. New Epidaurus (Aliotou)

New Epidaurus Aliotou

A large and pleasant sandy beach with tamarisk trees for shade. Towards the marina there are taverns and sunbeds.

10. Saladi


Spotless deserted beach, relatively remote with access from Didyma village. The white pebbles are impressive. There is neither a canteen nor sunbeds, you have to organize yourself to go there. The deserted Saladi Beach Hotel dominates the area.

11. Ververoda


The nearest beach in Porto Heli at a distance of 2 km. Large with pebbles and sand inside. In the shallows it has slabs that are easy to cross. There are no slabs on the left and right ends of the beach. There are a couple of beach bars and Maistraki tavern.

12. Kyparissia


This is my favourite beach in Porto Heli. It is located after Ververoda, it is large, spotlessly clean with pine trees for shade while the cicadas are heard loud.

13. Hinitsa


A double sandy beach in front of AKS Hinitsa Bay Hotel. Pleasant waters and shallow enough for small children. In order to go to the second you have to go through the tavern.

14. Kosta


The sandy beach in Kosta next to Drouza's self-service tavern and the small harbour where the ferry departs for Spetses.

15. Limanaki


Two neighbouring sandy beaches in the enchanting landscape of Agios Emilianos. In one of them there is a cafe with sunbeds.

16. Kounoupi


A double beach on the eastern side of Agios Emilianos. The best is the northern where you can see the islet. It is good to consult the map at the end of the article for access to this beach because at that point of Agios Emilianos the roads are a bit chaotic.

17. Kouverta


A pleasant dark sand beach near Ermioni. There is a canteen and sunbeds.

18. Lepitsa


A sandy beach near the fishing village Koilada, very popular to families due to the shallow waters. The Lepitsa tavern is also located there.

Map of the beaches