The beauties of Greece in 11 panoramic photos

John KarkalatosMarch 4, 2021

See unknown beauties of Greece through 11 panoramic photos that I took with a lot of effort and search.

Yachts panorama

1. Cove with yachts in Porto Heli

Porto Heli is surrounded by countless coves that in summer turn into yacht shelters creating a rare and incredibly beautiful spectacle. The passengers of the boats pass moments of carefreeness and absolute calm as they experience the ultimate recreation amid sea landscapes, natural sounds and literally without seeing anyone.

Halki panorama

2. Halki Island

Halki is a small island in the Dodecanese between Tilos and Symi. The colourful settlement, with the mansions of the 19th century, as soon as it pops up among the bare rocks, looks like a jewel that challenges you to discover it. Its architecture is quite different from the Cyclades and the rest of the Dodecanese, it's essentially a sister of Symi.

Karathona beach panorama

3. Karathona Beach, Nafplio

The land embraces the beach of Karathona forming an impressive view and an ideal field for water sports.

Boat in Ermioni

4. A peninsula with a traditional boat, Ermioni

Greece is associated with seascapes, a traditional boat in its fishing grounds is the most common seascape.

Spetses panorama

5. Spetses, photographed from Porto Heli

Early in the morning the first rays of the sun illuminate the calm sea and the picturesque settlement of Spetses. In the foreground a small cape that looks like a finger in Porto Heli.

Sailing boats panorama

6. Sailing boats in Hydra

A fleet of sailing boats is sailing in the calm waters of Hydra. The islands and the lacy coasts of Greece compose an ideal landscape for such trips.

Fokiano beach panorama

7. Fokiano beach, Peloponnese

The magnificence of wild beauty with the high mountain peaks ending vertically on the beach with the white pebbles and the waters with the shades of blue and green.

Porto Heli panorama

8. Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a natural harbor of unique beauty that is an excellent yacht shelter. The view of the boats, the nature and the calm sea are charming, combined with the sunny climate of the area makes the stay a special experience.

Sea landscape in Mirtoon sea

9. Sailing in Mirtoon sea

A seascape with a sailing boat sailing in Mirtoon sea with a background of rocky islets.

Yachts panorama

10. Boat with three masts in a cove

This is the cove that appears in #1, this time with a moored boat with three masts.

Seascape in Portoheli

11. Seascape in Porto Heli

Islands, islets and sailing boats sailing off the coast.