Cheap holidays in Amorgos

John KarkalatosJuly 31, 2020

Amorgos isn't the island you'll consider for cheap holidays. It's location is far from Piraeus port, the distances are long and it doesn't have variety in accommodations as other destinations have. However, you shouldn't exclude it from your list, if you plan your holidays in Amorgos in advance, you'll certainly save money.

Where to stay

First of all you have to decide where to stay, in Aegiali or Katapola. Keep in mind that Katapola have a little more frequent ferry routes so it'll be more flexible to plan your stay there. On the other hand, Aegiali has better beaches and a little better nightlife, so the decision is yours!

Katapola is also near to the main attractions of the island, Panagia Hozoviotissa and Chora.

Will I find affordable accommodation?

There are several budget accommodations in Amorgos, but they are getting booked very early, as is the case in any destination. You need to book early to find a good deal.

How to get around

If you decide not to rent a vehicle you'll reduce the costs even more.

You can easily get around with local transport to all the villages, the most important beaches and Panagia Hozoviotissa. There are also routes to Kato Meria where you can go swimming and eating.

The density of the routes depends on the season, so you should look carefully the timetable.

What's the cheapest way for holidays in Amorgos?

The cheapest way we recommend for holidays in Amorgos is the following. You can of course improvise on that.

Arrival and accommodation in Katapola without having a vehicle. For swimming in Maltezi and Plakes by boat (you pay a ticket). Visit Chora, Panagia Hozoviotissa and swim in Agia Anna beach with the local transport. You can take advantage of the routes to Kato Meria for swimming and eating.

You may plan something similar for Aegiali: swimming on the beach of Aegiali, swimming on the beaches of the bay by boat and visit Tholaria and Langada with the local transport.

You can again visit Chora and Hozoviotissa with the local transport but the distance is longer.

Especially if your stay on the island is short, you can follow this basic program and avoid renting a vehicle.

Cheap holidays for families as well

For families with small children book in Aegiali as the long sandy beach is ideal for all ages. Choose accommodation near the beach to be as close as possible.

In a very close distance there are bakeries and supermarkets as well as the village eateries.

More tips

For maps, distances, etc. consult our page about travel information.

For budget holidays we don't book of course last minute, the best deals are the first to go. You need to book as soon as possible, even months in advance. We recommend to search for deals in accommodation at from the previous winter or spring.

If you are 3-4 persons you can book a bigger room and rent a car, it will be cheaper for everyone.

Don't forget that in the Cyclades islands, September is a summer month and not an autumn one, so you can arrange your holidays even then.