Where to stay: Aegiali or Katapola?

When it comes to visiting Amorgos, a question that arises is where to stay: Aegiali or Katapola. Hotels in Amorgos

Why stay in Aegiali

Aegiali has beautiful scenery and a long sandy beach with blue-green waters, restaurants are right next to the beach. If you seek privacy, swim to the secluded beaches of Levrossos and Psili Ammos.

If you like tours visit the nearby villages Tholaria and Langada.

It's not recommended to visit Chora at night since the road is mountainous, not lighted and the winds in Chora blow strong. Hotels in Amorgos

Why stay in Katapola

Katapola is a touristy village with traditional architecture and a busy harbour. Beaches are not attractive, only Maltezi is nice but distant. Access turns easier after mid-June with regular boat routes.

Katapola is the home harbour of Express Skopelitis, so if you consider going on day trips to nearby islands it's better to stay there.

Finally, you can easily visit Chora and Panagia Hozoviotissa Monastery and, if you like tours, Kato Meria.