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Aegiali - Chora 15.5 km
Aegiali - Katapola 21 km
Aegiali - Tholaria 3 km
Aegiali - Langada 4 km
Chora - Katapola 6 km
Chora - Hozoviotissa 2.5 km
Chora - Mouros 13 km
Chora - Kalotaritissa 21 km
Aegiali - Agios Pavlos 5 km


Hotels in Amorgos

When to visit Amorgos?

In terms of sunshine, visit Amorgos from Orthodox Easter (usually in late April) to late October.

For swimming, the best time is from mid-June to mid-September when the weather is hot enough and the boats going to the beaches operate.

July and August are the months with the most tourists.

How to get around?


You can visit all the villages, beaches, Hozoviotissa monastery and Kato Meria with the local transport of Amorgos.

From mid-June to mid-September routes are very frequent.


Only a few to serve the whole island. It may be difficult in summer to find one.

General information


In Aegiali: camping Aegiali, and in Katapola Kastanis camping and Municipal camping.

Car rental

In Aegiali and Katapola.

Traditional sweets

Amorgian pasteli, loukoumi and xerotigano.

Traditional drinks

Psimeni raki (baked raki, alcohol distilled from grapes flavored with honey and herbs) and rakomelo (warmed raki with honey and herbs).

Nearby destinations, day trips & island hopping

Nearby destinations

With Express Skopelitis you can go on day trips, from Katapola harbour, to Donoussa, Koufonissi, Schinoussa and Iraklia and island hopping to Naxos, Ios and Santorini.

For other destinations and island hopping visit the search engine In the field "Departure Port" select Amorgos Aegiali or Katapola, in "Destination Port" select "All Ports", and enter the "Departure Date". You'll get all routes for the selected date.

Useful telephones

Port Authority (Katapola) 22850 71259
Town Hall (Chora) 22853 60200
Ηealth center (Chora) 22850 71207
Medical office (Aegiali) 22850 73222
Medical office (Katapola) 22850 71805
Police station 22850 71210
Pharmacy (Chora) 22850 74166
Pharmacy (Aegiali) 22850 73173
Pharmacy (Katapola) 22850 71343