The shipwreck

In Kato Meria, you will see one of the few shipwrecks located on a beach in Greece. It is the shipwreck of the vessel "Olympia" that ran aground in February 1980 and now rests on the bay of Liveros. Hotels in Amorgos

The wind was blowing so strong that forced the boat to enter the bay to anchor, but under these conditions it eventually wrecked.

Since then, it is unsheltered to the fury of the waves and it gradually collapses.

The wreck became known from the footage of the movie "The Big Blue" in 1988. Hotels in Amorgos

How to get there

Shortly after Kalotaritissa village, you'll see the wreck on the right.

Park your vehicle, and follow the trail, it's some 20 minutes walk but don't go in flip flops. You'd better have sports or hiking shoes on.