I'm John Karkalatos and this is my personal photo collection from my travels and places I have lived around Greece.

I decided to publish them since there is no reason for me to keep thousands of great photos stored on a hard drive for years. So I coded this PHP tag-based search engine (I am a coder too) to deliver you the most relevant photos.

With the attribution link you help my travel website rank higher on Google, that's a fair trade I guess!

I believe that a local who decides to photo his country will do it far better than any foreign tourist. A foreigner will visit the most known destinations and that's it. A local travels on a different pattern. He has one or two villages where his grandparents live, he will travel the country through his military service, he will move for work and perhaps his brother too, he will go on a weekend getaway or somewhere secluded with his girlfriend.

I had once a colleague who was driving any type of boat, yachts, sailboats, speedboats, jet skis and kaiki. He was telling me about his adventures in the Aegean. From family holidays in the Cyclades on a millionaire's yacht to escaping from fierce winds on a sailboat.

Another colleague owned a large kaiki (a traditional wooden vessel that catches fish). He was telling me that absolute serenity is when the sun rises in the middle of the sea, far from any land.

I putted also too much effort into taking the best photos. Year after year I was getting better and better, I was employing constantly new tactics to take even better photos. It was crucial also to minimize fatigue since I was walking on trails or driving under the heat of the summer sun.

These stories and personal experiences shaped this collection. So, discover Greece through my photos!

The big blue